Welcome to Fido ‘n Fluffy’s Blog!

This blog was created to talk about Fido ‘n Fluffy’s products, and anything and everything to do with cats and dogs. We want it to be flexible, informative–but in a fun, even ridiculous way.

It was also conceived as a deliberate learning platform–a journey towards the goal of competency in the world of cats and dogs, as well as reinforce and enhance our knowledge of what pertains to their health, happiness, and well-being.

Thus we hope to benefit from your thoughtful insights and expertise. We also believe that as much as we’ve got to learn, you’ve got even more to offer.

(But please kindly bear with the typos and bad grammar. Neither Joey, Jenny or Vinnie allow me to edit copy. They say it stifles ‘cweativity’.) 😀

What you have to share will indeed serve to enrich our experiences in the world of pets, and ultimately to garner- the highly-prized Paw of Approval! 😀

Thank you for visiting with us and, together let’s …

“Accentuate the Pawsitive”, shall we?

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