Two on a Rant

P1040602 How Coon Cat looks after a hard day of eating, sleeping, eating…

Being lazy tonight.

I love writing replies to other people’s blogs, soooo…I’m taking parts of replies I’ve made and sharing them with you.  They’re more fun to read when they’re out of context:

  • Dyslexia is not a death sentence, it’s another form of creativity.
  • It sounds like you’re living in the Twilight zone and I’m in the Outer Limits.
  • Did you have a lizard running over your face after the 3 inch cockroach that preceded him? Once, I had ants on my face, too.
  • Being light sensitive, I don’t mind gray skies and my brain is already filled with fog.
  • Ever wonder how much meat we’d eat if one of our elementary school field trips skipped the aquarium and went straight to the slaughterhouse to show us how animals get from the farm to the store? I probably…

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Hi, Evewybuddy!

We got a nomination from floridaborne for the Sunshine Award


I’m told the nomination has rules:

1.  Create 10 questions to ask

2.  Nominate 10 bloggers and ask them to answer your questions.

Here is the reason for my nomination:


Now I must answer 10 questions, and then nominate ten blogs!

 The 10 questions I was asked (and answered):

  1. Why did you start your blog?

             To show off cat and dog stuff from Fido ‘n Fluffy’s site.

  1. What is your favorite memory in life?

When I climbed an enchanted mountain.

  1. Who is your favorite author?

              Justin Racz for “50 Jobs Worse Than Yours”

       4. Are you presently on a diet and if so, why?


       5. Which do you prefer–Turkey or steak?

             It’s a tie. 🙂

      6. What is the link the blog entry you wrote that you consider       your favorite?

      7. How many books have you read this year?

           Less than 10.
      8. Which famous person do you admire most, living or dead?

            Nikola Tesla.
      9. If you could sum up your philosophy on life in 10 words, what would it be?

If you want to be happy, forget about being happy.

     10. What is the most exotic food you’ve ever eaten?

           Beluga caviar (yum).

Now for the 10 blogs I nominate.  Click on the links to see at least 1 of the reasons why (site 1st, name 2nd):


Here are my 10 questions for the people I’ve nominated to answer.

  1. What do you find most relaxing?
  2. Who are three of your favorite celebrities?
  3. What is your ‘pet peeve’?
  4. What is the most challenging and/or best thing about being a parent?
  5. What talent or skill would you like to possess that you don’t think you have?
  6. What was your most awkward or embarrassing situation?
  7. What’s it like riding a roller coaster?
  8. What do you think of ‘motivational speakers’?
  9. If you could have any part or role in a movie or play, what would it be?
  10. What subject in school did you find the most uninteresting?