Bergan Travel Harness

Attention dog owners with pickups:

“Dogs are safer when riding in the cab and should never ride in a pickup’s bed.” This safety reminder had been propagated through the joint efforts of the Ford Motor Co. of Michigan, and the American Humane Assn. of Washington, D.C. when they held their Dogs Ride Inside public awareness campaign September.

According to them, “A harness that clips into a vehicle’s seatbelt system is considered a good product choice for owners on the go.” (Source: Pet Product News International, November 2013)

Good news … Fido’n Fluffy’s website has that kind of harness, Bergan’s Safety Harness  plus other travel items that will make being on the road safe, comfortable, and fun for your pet and you!
by Melinda de los Santos

3 thoughts on “Bergan Travel Harness

    • Say, Foridaborne!

      I notice the Bergan Travel Harness is back in stock.

      Let me send you one for free. Let me know what size and color, and of course where to ship it.

      Can you honor me with a short (terse, even) review on this product?

      If the product suits your standards, let me know so I could sell it to you for cheaper than the others because I see no MAP on this one 😀

      • Kind of you to offer it for free.

        I’m up for a few hours, then back to bed. Migraine. When I can think again, I’ll be back (Where did I hear that phrase before, Arnie?) 🙂

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